Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rewarding Your Staff

As a Restaurant Owner, your employees are one of your greatest assets. In order to sustain a successful business, it is important that you reward your employees. A great way to reward your staff is through internally promoting; allowing staff the opportunity to learn new skills and responsibilities from training courses. By rewarding your employees with an Approved Manager’s Course (MPL1), they will have more confidence and skills under their belt to help in whatever is thrown at them; whether it is legislative compliance or in management skills, your staff will be prepared.

Have your staff complete an Approved Manager’s Course (MPL1) with Hospitality Alliance Training, and benefit with these 6 key points:
  1. Hospitality Alliance Training is the forefront of recognising legislative changes that affect YOU and your restaurant.
  2. With support not only during the training period, but also before and after the completion of the course.
  3. You will gain top quality training, without the big price tag
  4. You will be supporting a non-profit industry association
  5. There are very flexible options for training; online or in-house courses
  6. Hospitality Alliance Training is in for the long run, so if you ever need help or support we are more than willing to give you guidance.

Reward your staff today, for more information about our courses in food service, liquor service and management, visit

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