Thursday, January 16, 2014

New year, new me! I believe that’s the catch phrase we all say as the new year swings by. For me, 2014 did mean some significant changes. Firstly, I was about to become  a university student.  I did however, have 3 months till uni actually started and since my casual Christmas seasonal job was over, I was already feeling the effects of being what they call, a ‘Poor student’. I spent the entire day on seek searching endless pages for jobs in the retail and sales sections but no one seemed to be hiring after the Christmas period. I then switched my search options to jobs In hospitality to find well over 100 jobs I could apply for. Unfortunately I was halted in my tracks but two small issues, one, I was lacking any experience in hospitality and two, I was also lacking a responsible service of alcohol certificate. Luckily, I found a way to combine both my issues and have them magically disappear at the same time. RSA courses was quickly typed into my search bar and I was faced with quite a few courses that I could do online. After flicking through pages of courses, I realised that even though some of them were fairly cheap, they were not job ready or even recognised. Given that the only experience I had in hospitality was making my mother a cup of tea, I wanted to do a course I could actually learn from. It was then I came across a RSA course from Hospitality Alliance Training, which would provide me with job ready and nationally recognised qualifications. The even better thing was that they had continued their December discount till the end of January so it would only cost me $45! Not bad for a poor student like myself! I downloaded the manual and read through carefully before completing the course. January has bought on a tonne of new job opportunity’s in hospitalitiy that I would feel comfortable and ready for. For all you students out there looking for some extra cash over the summer period, I recommend an RSA from the hospitality Alliance training group. Remember the catch phrase, new year, new me and take on a new challenge and job opportunity’s by also securing your RSA today.

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