Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Train with Confidence

How confident are you that your restaurant is meeting all your compliance requirements? If the answer is not a big assertive “YES” then it appears you have some thinking to do. If your restaurant is licensed, offence infringements can vary up to $10,000! That is definitely something you need to prevent with the right certification, but “How?” I hear you ask?

With newly added courses, Hospitality Alliance Training is known for their top-class Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Approved Manager (MLP1) courses. While most people tend to go for either the expensive or crazy cheap companies, you deserve the best quality training without the worry of over spending and not getting what you paid for. Hospitality Alliance Training gives you a very reasonable price whilst providing top-quality industry specialist training that other providers cannot compare with.

A stand out problem in the training industry is the lack of understanding you or your employees may face when participating in training. You may have specific questions, require English language help, need extra learning support or just prefer a face-to-face learning experience. Hospitality Alliance Training recognises these problem areas in both our online and classroom options for RSA and Approved Manager courses. You also have access to complete professional support before, during and after your training experience; issues and concerns are easily solved with our specialists.

So next time you allocate your staff to complete an RSA or MPL1 course, don’t make them scroll through a never ending Google search to find a provider; register for training under a top-quality specialist at

Don’t forget Hospitality Alliance Training also offer a variety of high standard Food Safety courses for all states and restaurants. Meet the regulatory needs with excellence and train with the best.   

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